Taki aka Joey (wickedmind) wrote in icantstand,
Taki aka Joey

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I cant stand ....

When you fucking glare at me.
When you smile when you know you how fucked up you are.
it when you used to say you loved but you couldnt even look me in the eye.
it when you try so hard, that you lose focus on what you were reaching for.
it when you fall down the stairs and the first thing you do is get up and look around to see who saw you.
when I run out of gas.
when my headlights dont work right.
when my car decides today is rainy day and it doesnt want to perform like it should.
when you drop food on your shirt and it leaves the biggest stain.
when you blow your load and the femme wants to keep going.
when a femme asks me to do something that she knows I fucking hate.
when a femme takes me shopping and makes me go into the girlie stores.

thats all for now. more later.
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