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  2006.01.10  09.14

Looking for a place to rant, bitch, scream, and just let it all out?


  2004.08.31  00.43

I can't stand when someone is supposed to call you and doesn't. I especially hate this when it is my boyfriend.

Mood: irritated

  2003.07.02  04.08
st00pid chicks

I've said this before but I don't get how girls let their boyfriends treat them like personal property. Of coarse this is behavior from younger girls, but fucking retarded nonetheless. "Oh, my boyfriend won't let me" or "my boyfriend would be mad" Oh, how those words make me cringe. I would never put up with such bullshit. It doesn't really *bother* me, but it does annoy me that they let themselves be treated that way. ::shrug::

Mood: blank

  2003.06.16  12.41

frootijen's post
When you put up a post and someone who used to be on your friends list thinks that you were trying to illicit a response directly from them to start more LJ drama. That was so far from the truth....but I will rant about it because I can.


  2003.06.16  12.37
Feel My Pain

frootijen's rant
Please don't be offended...haha
This is no fuck you list, but this hate list was inspired by 25th Hour. Good flick, check it out.
1. I hate being a woman and crying uncontrollably in the shower for no fucking reason-yep, I did that today.
2. I hate when people beat themselves up all the time because they don't have a signifigant other.
3. I hate LJ drama on my journal.
4.I hate people who do way too many quizzes (I'll excuse those of you who LJ cut your quizzes).
5. I hate hearing about all these women and their PMS. Like I really want to know when yor hatchet wound that never heals is making you yucky, crabby, etc etc. (We are all guilty of talking about this in our LJ)
6. I hate bad drivers that cut you off, then honk at you and flip you the bird. 9 times out of 10, I will find out where you live...haha.
7. I hate Martha Stewart.
8. I hate when my friends get all pissy and won't just tell me the fucking truth.
9. I hate guys who whistle and cat call at me...hello, I'll never date you-get a life assholes.
10. I hate people who don't read their mail and call up your company to bitch at you about changes to their accts or cards.
11. I hate when people don't pay their bills on time, then they call in and blame it on the company.
11. I hate drivers yapping on their cellphones. If I get your ass in a dark alley, I will seriously cram that phone up your ass.
12. I hate when you are at a restaurant and you are talking with your dinner company, and some pricks cell phone goes off behind you and he/she IS STILL. SITTING at the table speaking louldy on their phone...get some manners people.
13. I hate even more when you are trying to take a piss in the bathroom and some idiot is pissing/taking a dump while talking to someone on their cell phone.
14. I hate our justice system....it truly fucks ass....there is a reason that justice is wearing a blindfold, but you have all heard that one before.
15. I hate the fact that the government won't legalize and tax drugs and prostitution. I want to own a brothel.
16. I hate New Jersey Hockey Fans...bunch of disrespectful mofos.
17. I hate being in a bar with dumb bitches whining about their lives. I am usually the one telling the to shut up and drink. Hello, I don't want to hear the story of your life.
18. I hate holier than thou scenesters...puke. I dealt with them while working at a record store, and wanted to bitch-slap them everyday.
19. I hate when people can't respect your opinion.
20. I hate people who try to be someone that they are not. Hi, I am preppy one day, then the next, I am all punk and stuff! Be yourself, even if you suck.
21. I HATE THE TERM EMO. I just want to shoot the little bastard that came up with that. Why is everyone using EMO in their screen name on LJ?
22. I hate religious little fucks that preach to you, and tell you that you are bad because you don't believe in god, but in the end they are the liars, and decievers.
23. I hate the Mormon religion. Those little bastards walking around in their suits.
24. I hate people who are on wellfare when they are able bodied people and can get a job. Prime example...these people that this girl knows who is on her 6th kid because the Government will pay her to fuck and procreate. She keeps popping out kids.
25. Last but not Least, I really hate Andy Dick-yep, watching Old School.


  2003.04.13  08.22
--- joey's latest icantstands ---

The fooking bums in Deep Ellum.
My car when it needs a tune-up.
Gas prices.
PS2's that dont play new fscking movies.

... thats all for now.



  2003.03.19  00.48

I can't stand when I wake up early in the morning, so technically I should be tired from a long day, but instead I feel like I am wired on crack or something,,,it is so irritating. I need to get to sleep cuz I have to wake up at 5 and get to work with my new training update class tomorrow. *spew*

Mood: irritated

  2003.03.18  01.39
oh yeah, one more thing....

When everyone on AIM is AWAY!!!! Booooooo

Mood: blah

  2003.03.18  01.16
Things that irrate the fuck out of me lately....

1) Rude, lazy ass co-workers. Never in my life have I worked with a more WORTHLESS staff. About half of the people up at landry's are dope, but the rest can just go eat a dick! Where do people get off being so rude and bitchy, as if the people we wait on aren't enough to deal with?! Just STFU and do your job! Don't bich about ME not doing my duties, when I'm probably busy picking up someone else's slack!

2) Being strapped for cash. I'm tired of it. 'Nuff said.

3) Having NO earthly idea where my life is headed. Why can't I figure out WTF I want to do with myself?? I know everyone goes through this, but Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn...when am I going to figure shit out. I'm 22 already. I don't plan on waiting tables for the rest of my life.

4) Injecting myself with insulin everyday and not being able to have one of my favorite things b/c I'm "sick"....sugar! Why do I even BOTHER! *rolls eyes*

5) Girlfriends that hog my friends!! Just b/c he's your b/f doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment with him!!

6) Last but DEFINATELY not least...Letting stupid shit like THIS bother me! I *swear* I never used to be like this! *shoots self*

Thanks for your help subapooh. I'm a tard. =P

Mood: annoyed

  2003.02.25  20.34
i cant's stand...

all this fucking ice...:grumble:

Mood: blah

  2003.02.21  00.52
Can't stand getting sucked into Reality TV shows

I can't stand reality TV...I am getting so sucked into the shit...like the" how hot are you show........it is brainless TV, but there is joy to watch some egotistitical prick get shown off the stage cuz he/she is not a HOTTEH! I must continue having a few shows of Trash...

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Mood: bitchy

  2002.12.23  13.42
fuckin' a!

I swear, if it even sprinkles in Dallas, the idiots man their cars, and proceed to go tumbling down the highway, thinking they can drive.

I had some bling bling bitch in a lowere suv with some chrome this and that, almost play monster truck with my car this morning on the 635/35 exchange.

Road Rage in the Rain,


  2002.12.20  02.21
I cant stand ....

When you fucking glare at me.
When you smile when you know you how fucked up you are.
it when you used to say you loved but you couldnt even look me in the eye.
it when you try so hard, that you lose focus on what you were reaching for.
it when you fall down the stairs and the first thing you do is get up and look around to see who saw you.
when I run out of gas.
when my headlights dont work right.
when my car decides today is rainy day and it doesnt want to perform like it should.
when you drop food on your shirt and it leaves the biggest stain.
when you blow your load and the femme wants to keep going.
when a femme asks me to do something that she knows I fucking hate.
when a femme takes me shopping and makes me go into the girlie stores.

thats all for now. more later.

Mood: creative

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